Amber is an extraordinary person, she does not only provide insightful readings with accurate information but she also seeks to help. Along with the reading, she counsels, giving genuine advice where necessary. She is a nice person with a kind heart, truly blessed and I’m pleased to have worked with her.


Kingston, Jamaica 12/11/16

“Amber is super friendly, personable and down to earth. We did the session through email, which is the first time I’ve ever tried that method and she still managed to make me feel comfortable asking questions and bringing up concerns I wanted addressed. It was very easy to communicate with her. I would highly recommend Amber and have done so to a few friends and family already!”
S.Sun 11/13/16
Wow Amber! You really have opened my eyes and spiritually from your reading you did for me. Everything you have said in my reading is pretty accurate and I’m so thankful for that. I never did have faith, believed readings were true, but you and my sister have really made me think different about the look out of readings. It’s calming and feels good to know what you can looks out for in the near future or present. You are blessed being able to do readings and mediate for others. Thank you so much for this opportunity, absolutely loved it. 
J. Patel 10/6/16
Sacramento, CA
 I have absolutely no words to describe how I feel right now! I cannot thank you enough for this reading it has given me more confidence in myself and I definitely never thought your reading would be a lie or fake. The Raj you heard is the name of my brother and yes you’re one of the first people to ever pronounce my name correctly (thank you for that!) I cannot thank you enough for this reading. I am astonished by how accurate and realistic this reading is! I am really speechless and very thankful to you. May god bless you and give you endless amounts of happiness! 
Thank you very much!
M. Singh
Fairview, VA
Oh my god! I can’t think of any words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much for doing this. I feel like I can really understand what my spirits are trying to get by, and it was only because of you. Honestly, I really needed to know that there was someone there, to reassure my reason for living.
A. Ali 9/27/16
Fairview, Virginia