If interested in a spiritual counseling session please feel free to contact me on my email thefreespirit143@gmail.com !

In my sessions I like to teach, counsel, and uplift clients in a form that may differ from other counseling techniques that are given. I am a counselor in training so I use psychotherapeutic approaches along with what I receive from Spirit when conducting a session. Individuals seeking this form of service must be spiritually aware and is searching for this form of integrated service. Sessions can be up to an hour and can be continuous or a one time occurrence.  


Reasons for counseling include the following:

Challenges with understanding or accepting your spiritual gifts

Experiencing spiritual phenomena (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc)


Interested in combining spiritual interventions with conventional therapy

Understanding self

I offer face to face session for those who live in or near Sacramento, CA and do offer long distance readings/counseling. Pricing is currently negotiable. 

In Love & Light.


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