Services Coming Soon:

DSC_8809 I am creating a virtual spiritual development  and mentorship program as well. This program is for those who are looking to find their own innate gift and develop it! Intuition is the higher self/ Spirit’s way to communicate with ourselves! Once we awaken our gifts we can implement them into our daily lives, which leads to learning a higher vibrational life!




Intake Spiritual/Metaphysical Counseling

If you're looking for counseling with spiritual/metaphysical influence, this is the service for you! I am a therapist trained in psychotherapeutic and spiritual/metaphysical approaches. This session will focus on gathering information connected to your background and your current issues. Please be advised this session runs between 1-1.5 hours.




Lotus Package

If you are seeking an answer to one question I offer a one time rate of $25.00. This reading does not give a simple yes or no answer, instead it is an in depth answer to your question. I also encourage you to acknowledge, listen, and accept the answers that your higher self and Spirit are communicating to you. I will not take away your own free will, thus I will not make any decision for you.




Enlightened Lotus Reading Package

This package presents a 1 hour psychic/mediumship reading session which includes tuning into your chakras and discussing any blockages and/or elaborate on any areas of psychical strength, provide any insight to any questions, and provide any information from loved ones and guides as it is received. You will leave the reading with a greater understanding and more than anything feeling empowered!