Lotus Package

If you are seeking an answer to one question I offer a one time rate of $25.00. This reading does not give a simple yes or no answer, instead it is an in depth answer to your question. I also encourage you to acknowledge, listen, and accept the answers that your higher self is communicating to you!


Discovering Spirit (1 on 1) 12 week Coaching Program

This service is for the individual who prefers to learn with direct correspondence and works well independently. You have to be willing and ready to set off on this journey of self-discovery, if this sounds like you, then this option would be a perfect fit! This is a 12 week developmental coaching service which includes; • weekly 60 minute worth of Zoom videos conferences and/or calls, • three 15 minute emergency calls (freaking out because I hear or see Spirit, HELP) as needed, as available • unlimited email correspondence • bonus of a group program, and a membership of 6 months for support with integrating your new abilities into your life! • Total cost for this service is $5888 but I am offering it to you for $3997. *payment plans available in USD currency.


Enlightened Lotus Reading Package

Not sure if I would be a great fit for you, then I do offer a try me out option which is a 1 hour psychic reading session priced for $150. I also offer a one time session to work with me as well, same price.


Blossoming Spirits

Blossoming Spirits is a 12 week group program that focuses on educating, developing, and understanding of your innate spiritual gifts and learn how to use them for a greater enlightened life! Within this 12 week program you will be blossoming and learning with others who are just like you! Once a week we’ll meet on Zoom video conference for 60 minutes in which we as a group will cover the following subjects and activities; • learning about the chakra system, energy blockages and how to clear them, • the importance of grounding and meditation, • discuss of the 4 most common spiritual gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant) and discuss your experiences in relation to them, • perform readings for one another, • contact and identify your spirit guides, • discuss the options of tools (oracle/tarot cards, crystals, and pendulums) • learn how to incorporate these learned skills into your everyday life. • Also included will be an additional 2 months of membership following the end of the eight week program. This program is priced for $2550 but is now being offered for $1497. *payment plans available in USD currency


The Free Spirited Membership

This is offered for those who have completed either the 1 on 1 or group program and would like to keep the connection flowing with others! Communication will be held within a community of a secret Facebook group entitled, The Free Spirited. This is the place where we talk about all things SPIRITUAL in a judgment-free zone with support from other free spirits such as yourself AND you’ll have free access to webinars! This can be accessed for the low price of $25 per month!


Payment plans are also available!