Hey everyone please feel free to gander and gawk around! I consider myself a modern day hippie. I’m 27 years wise and am in graduate school to learn how to be an effective Mental Health Counselor. I love and study spirituality & metaphysics, and am in love with poetry and everything all three subjects relate themselves to. Self-Love is the motto, and self-awareness is the ultimate goal that never ceases to decrease. I say, Let’s Awaken & Be Enlightened!


I’m really awkward at verbalizing how I feel in terms of “love” so I’m practicing through my posts…

Enjoy and enlighten me whenever you find the opportunity within my posts! Positivity above all else!

Had to block out my employer’s logo.

4 thoughts on “About the Aquarian

  1. Hey Amber,
    You commented on my post in the tree of life about being a medium. You said I could message you with questions or to share. I couldn’t figure out a way to do it on the site so I will leave you my email here. I would very much like to chat with you and perhaps we can help each other grow. Thanks for your time in advance.



  2. Hey! Finally I’m on your blog! I don’t know why, I had tried a couple of times to access it and it wouldn’t work … but now I’m here! Just wanted to say thanks for reading my blog, as lame as it can be sometimes, hahaha 😛 I look forward to reading your posts! x

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    1. Hey Eliza,

      Girl your blog is faaarrrrr from lame, it’s beautiful and I always love reading your newest additions. I’ve been having some technical issues work my blog being visible for whatever reason. Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello! I love these interactions!


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