Stand in your TRUTH

Wednesday night I had a dream. In the dream I was surrounded by bears. It frightened me because bears poses an imminent threat to humans if we’re too close, yet upon waking up I KNEW that this was a symbolic dream. Upon researching I found an article entitled, Bear Spirit Animal and found these meanings:

Bear Meaning

The bear has several meanings that will inspire those who have this animal as totem:

  • The primary meaning of the bear spirit animal is strength and confidence
  • Standing against adversity; taking action and leadership
  • The spirit of the the bear indicates it’s time for healing or using healing abilities to help self or others
  • The bear medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet time, rest
  • The spirit of the bear provides strong grounding forces

With the recent changes our country, good ol’ USA, has witnessed there has been a lot of heavy hearts and uproar. I wept the night of the election because it really seemed like our country was shifting backwards instead of forward, but then I remembered that everything happens for a reason. We as a society, need a change, more of a wake up call. A wake up and become enlightened call. I’m not rooting for who has been elected, I’m rooting for our society to come together, only then can real change occur. Change is coming that is for sure, and this is the time that I am to stand strong and stand tall in my truth and light the way for others.

 I am the BEAR, for the Bear spirit supports me.


Author: Amber Choisella

I am an old soul learning, living, and spreading love and light. I am also a Psychic Medium but I prefer to be known as a Sensitive or an Intuitive. I'm in grad school learning how to become a licensed professional clinical counselor and use my experience in counseling whenever I give readings. So drop a line and stay a while or for a moment in time! I would love to hear from you! In love and light!

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