My Last Words Will Always Be I Love You

With her eyes closed never to open again

She speaks, she says, I love you too.

She soothed my soul forever with those lasting three words. 

May I never forget to tell you how much you’re loved, no matter how long I’ve known you

A minute, 3 weeks, or all of my life

I’ll always depart with I love you. 
-Amber Choisella 

Bow & Arrow Message

Today I spoke as a student medium presenting information about spirit communication at my church. My pastor asked me to present last month but that was during the time my grandmother was getting ready to transition, so she scheduled me for a later date, which was today. Last month a woman I had yet to meet reached out to me through my account page for Central Spiritualist Church, the church in which I belong to. She had told me that she read that I would be presenting and wanted to see me. Sadly I told her my circumstances and told her I hope to see her in the future as a guest at one of our Sunday services and that was that. Well she was there today, and for her this post pertains to.

Jerri, gave me a boost of confidence and reassurance that I’m on the right path even after I delivered her message from Spirit. After I presented my talk on spirit communication Pastor asked if I would work (give brief spirit messages) during the spirit greetings aspect of service, and I was more obliged to. Jerri was the  first message I gave. I told her that when I briefly meditated upon her I saw a bow and arrow  and that I saw an arrow being ejected towards a target which was on a tree. The arrow hit the target directly in the center which was an impression that what she was going through was of significance to the Earth plane and that everything was going to be alright. Her face was stoic and never changed, so I wasn’t sure if what I brought her resonated with her as truth or not but I gave her what I received and moved on and continued working.

After service Jerri approached me and told me that I was spot on with my message. She told me that her father was of Native American descent and that he owned a company in which he made bows and arrows and that she recently made a life decision that she was worried that she made not had made the right decision but after hearing what I said to her she knew that she had and that I had come in contact with her father’s energy so she knew she would be alright.

My mouth dropped, literally. I couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t believe she came to hear me speak and that what I told her was spot on! I love how Spirit works through me. There’s a great satisfaction in doing this type of work…. I feel honored to share my abilities with others because I know that I am fulfilling my soul’s mission! In sharing and helping others I am in turn helping myself. This is part of my healing journey. I love who I am and what I am continuously growing to be!


My best friend and her sister came to support me and brought me these beautiful roses!
Standing and presenting on platform, promise my eyes were opened lol!

Anxiety, We Meet Again

Sitting in the counselor’s lobby waiting for my counseling session, early because I had no where to go to waste time before my appointment. I decided to come early and work on my homework which coincidentally is focused on bereavement within a family system.

Panic is running from my heart through my mind and body and I’ll never be ready for the funeral tomorrow. Babe’s funeral, HER funeral, HER birthday would have been/is tomorrow…. I just CAN’T.

Reading my e-book textbook, I read this and stop:

Transition periods are often characterized by upheaval, rethinking of previous and future commitments, and openness to change.

-McGoldrick, Garcia-Preto, & Carter (2016)

August 20th was the day my life changed and September 9th will be the day a part of me died and became resurrected…..



McGoldrick, M., Garcia Preto, N., & Carter, B. (2016). The expanding family life cycle: Individual, family, and social perspectives (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Love Advice From Babe

Babe, how did you know Grandpa was “The One” I asked her.

She said, I knew he was the one by the way that he provided for me. He took care of me, that’s how I knew.

That’s how I knew he was the one.

I never need to ask he always knows what to do and what I need almost telepathically, no not materialistically and that’s the difference between a partner and a boyfriend… need more of an explanation, no problem I’ll be happy to explain.

Partnerships are an equal exchange of many sorts, yet most importantly they’re your biggest support. Uplifting you along the way, no cracks within the sidewalks, always available to wipe your tears, there with you to fight your fears, and most importantly loves you unconditionally, faithfully, and honestly. Relationships are work but more of a growth than an upkeep. He’s not perfect nor do I need him to be. At most he’s the best for me.

Thanks Babe, now I understand. I love that you had a chance to meet and spend sometime with him and I. Because of you, I know the meaning of love both self and towards loving others.

I miss you. I love you.

Babe, my Queen.

Channeling Session with TruthCodex

September 1st, 2016

I know some of you will read this and automatically write me off as “crazy” or naive, but the ones who understand will know this as my truth.

I met Adam through another one of my following bloggers  and with whom I correspond with frequently. I believe we come across paths with others for learning purposes, fulfilling karma, and sharing opportunities. You never know the reasons why we meet the people we meet but if everything happens for a reason, each individual comes to us for a reason.

For those who have been reading my recent posts and for those who have not, I’ve recently just lost the greatest love of my life, my Grandmother. I’ve always had a deeper connection with her and three weeks before she transitioned, I asked her if she would come visit me once she was in spirit, not really knowing that 2 weeks later she would be

Life has been rough…. really challenging with the losses and changes I’ve experienced in just a 3 month span; yet nothing is ever without value, right?

So I had known that Adam schedules  FREE channeling sessions with guides and angels but I never felt the need to reach out for a session until my Grandmother made her transition. Channeling for those who do not know this term, is a process done with a channeler/medium who allows their Spiritual guides and angels to speak through them. When this happens the channeler/medium goes into a deep trance and does not have any recollection on what was said during the channeling session. Hopefully you’re following along with what I’m saying if you aren’t already aware of this term.

I correspond with Adam throughout following each others blogs. I reached out to Adam and we scheduled  a Skype session so that we can see and formally meet one another, but I forgot my earphones since I was using my phone for the video conference, so instead he called me. I’ve seen channeling and how it works before since I am a Spiritualist I have seen this phenomenon before. His own voice changed and his wording was different, of a wiser tone. The Spirit Guides communicating through him did not tell me anything I did not already know or predict my future, rather they reaffirmed that everything is as it should be. Especially in terms of grieving.

“Compression, not depression”, is what was said to be my current spiritual state. Grieving is needed, it’s a way to handle and work through transitional moments in life. In sharing my story I hope to help others who will find themselves within my same shoes. As for my grandmother, I received affirmations on what I have been receiving from her and because I was always open with my experiences with her, it’s no wonder that she’ll be one of my many guides in my own spiritual development.

If interested please go check out Adam, read more into what he does and who he is. I found him to be honest, genuine, and very relatable. I’m always elated to meet other like-minded individuals or those who can understand The Free Spirited. 🙂


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