Do you have spiritual abilities that you want to develop?

Have you experienced phenomena that has scared you and you want to understand what has occurred?

Are you interested in in learning how your innate spiritual abilities can be developed and integrated in your everyday life?

Individuals seeking this form of service must be spiritually aware and open minded.

Reasons for services include the following:

  • Challenges with understanding or accepting your spiritual gifts
  • Experiencing spiritual phenomena (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc)
  • Understanding self spiritually
  • Empowering and building confidence

Beginning in the Summer of 2018 I will be introducing spiritual/metaphysical cousneling! Until then please go ahead and sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive free gifts and monthly newsletter full of guidance, intuitive messages, and upliftment! First gift is a FREE ebook entitled, “5 Keys to Becoming Spiritual Confident”.

I also provide psychic/mediumship readings and Reiki healings (Currently for Residences in or near Pollock Pines, CA) which can be found within Services page, click HERE.

In Love & Light.

Amber Choisella

Your Spiritual Mentor